What is a Home Insurance Inventory Sheet?

Homeowners insurance is not required by law for Napa, CA residents, but many people purchase a policy to protect against financial loss. In addition, most mortgage lenders will require you to obtain indemnification if there is a balance on your property. 

What is a Home Inventory Sheet?

Your home inventory sheet is vital to securing the right amount of homeowners insurance. At its most basic, this is a list of every possession you own. It should also include other information, such as the price paid, serial number, where the property was purchased, and its make and model. 

Be sure to give more detail when recording something of significant value, such as a description of its various components and features. Making a video where the item can be viewed from different angles is also helpful. 

A receipt is also part of your home inventory, as these will help make claims more expedient. It’s often recommended that you take photos of paper receipts, as they can degrade over time, becoming harder to read. 

Although you can make a handwritten copy of your home inventory, you can also store it on spreadsheet software or phone, and it is good to have multiple copies as a backup. In addition, there are home insurance inventory apps available to help you with this task. Your Wine Valley Insurance Services representative can provide more details about your situation. 

Be sure to catalog jewels, any collectibles you have, and appliances, such as stoves and your electronic devices. You can use an online deprecation calculator to determine your possession’s current value. 

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