Does Renters Insurance in Wine Valley Cover Liability Issues?

There are plenty of reasons to rent a home or apartment in Napa, CA. It offers an exceptional quality of life and a superb atmosphere. Renting usually translates to less maintenance and fewer responsibilities. However, you are still responsible for protecting your personal property and avoiding a liability claim’s potentially devastating financial ramifications.

Liability claims can result from a trip or fall, a dog bite, or other incident that causes an injury in your rental home. This includes injuries to strangers like delivery people, service providers, repair personnel, and visiting friends and family. You are likely not covered by your landlord’s insurance.

We offer renters insurance at Wine Valley Insurance Services of Napa, CA to ensure you are covered.

What Typical Homeowners’ Insurance Covers

Many renters’ insurance policies may cover personal belongings like clothing and jewelry, furniture, housewares, and some electronics. These possessions may even be covered when you travel. Items are typically hidden from theft, fire, and storm damage. But just as critical as protecting your possessions is having liability coverage to protect you financially from an accident injury lawsuit.

Renters insurance will cover the costs of a judgment or settlement and the legal expenses associated with such a claim.

One of the most attractive features of renters insurance is that it is generally extremely affordable, especially compared to homeowners insurance.

While renting has many attractive aspects, you should not risk putting your valuables or financial future at risk. We invite you to explore the benefits of renter’s insurance, including liability protection. Contact us at Wine Valley Insurance Services, serving the Napa, CA region.