Should You Purchase Full Coverage Auto Insurance, Or Liability Only?

Everyone knows that insurance is required to stay legal on the road and is used for individuals to protect themselves from expenses incurred from accidents, but do you know whether or not you should purchase full coverage insurance or liability insurance only?

What Is The Difference?

When you opt to purchase full coverage insurance in Napa, CA and the surrounding areas, you select a deductible or the amount you must pay up front for repairs to have your claim paid for during a covered event. It covers things like medical bills, the cost of repairs, towing, and other related expenses. Rather than covering any damage you may have caused to another vehicle or injuries, like liability insurance, full coverage allows you to pay for most of the costs associated with an accident from all perspectives.

How To Decide Which Coverage Works Best 

When shopping for insurance at Wine Valley Insurance Services, you should consider the age of the car, as well as the cost of repairs and whether or not you are looking for savings. If you have an older car, you might consider going with liability only to save money every month. If you are leasing a vehicle or have a newer model car, it is either required or highly advisable that you carry full coverage insurance. Your deductible is also going to influence your monthly payment amounts as well, so keep in mind that a lower deductible will mean a higher premium.

If you want quality insurance and personalized service from knowledgeable agents, contact Wine Valley Insurance Services in Napa, CA for available insurance products and services. Get insurance that gives you the protection you need and the customer service you want.