Renting May Be Easier Than Owning but Don’t Let A Lack of Insurance Complicate Your Life

Don’t Leave Acquiring Renters Insurance Off Of Your List 

Currently, you rent your home, so there are a lot of things you can leave off of your list. Most likely you do not have to cover the overall maintenance of your home which frees up a substantial amount of time and money. However, we urge you not to leave a great renter’s insurance policy off of your MUST HAVE list. Lessened property responsibility does not equal less vulnerability. You still need an adequate and appropriate insurance policy to protect your property and it may be required by your landlord in most situations.

Renters, like homeowners, face the possibility of getting property taken in a robbery. Criminal activity is not the only culprit. Severe weather conditions or environmental hazards can also have a renter seeing his or her property being damaged or completely lost. Come in to Wine Valley Insurance Services today to speak with an agent who has experience in protecting the things you work hard for.  

We can offer liability and property coverage through our renter’s insurance policies that will not be covered by your landlord. Make an inventory of your belongings to make this process even easier!

Napa, CA is Known For Its Vineyards – Lets Add Quality Comprehensive Insurance Agencies to the List

Before you move into your rented apartment or other property make it a priority to stop into  Wine Valley Insurance Services in Napa, CA. Contact us by phone at 707-226-8604. Our team members take pride in the fact that we cater to many facets of our clients insurance liabilities. In addition to assisting renter’s in protecting their lifestyle, we provide auto, home, commercial. life, health, condo, toy, and umbrella insurance coverage. Contact us today. 

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Umbrella Insurance

We live in a litigious society, and considering no one is perfect, you can avoid financial ruin by acquiring umbrella insurance with Wine Valley Insurance Services. Umbrella insurance is meant to offer extra liability protection beyond your standard auto, home, boat or other types of coverage. It also covers claims that may be excluded by your other liability policies.

Having excess liability insurance may not be compulsory in Napa, CA, however, without it, you may have to dig into your pocket to cover the extra liability costs from severe accidents and huge lawsuits. Here are a few factors to consider when shopping for umbrella insurance:

Current coverage

Umbrella insurance only comes in after your primary policies have been exhausted. That’s why it’s important to evaluate your policies while focusing on coverage limits. Use your current coverage amounts as a baseline to build from.

The amount of extra insurance you can afford

Having umbrella insurance might mean paying higher premiums on your standard policies. This is because most insurance providers will require policyholders to raise their coverage and deductibles. So, ensure you determine how much extra insurance you can afford before committing.


The amount of umbrella coverage dramatically depends on what you’ve got to lose. When shopping for umbrella insurance, focus on the value of your assets, which includes retirement, savings, stocks, etc. Umbrella insurance is meant to safeguard your financial future, therefore, choose a policy that compares to your assets as well as your future financial projections.


The type of risks you are taking also offers an idea of how much coverage you need. An elevated accident risk, such as homes with pools, can naturally increase your chances of getting sued. Therefore, the higher the risk, the more umbrella coverage you need.

At Wine Valley Insurance Services, we ensure residents of Napa, CA don’t have to liquidate their precious assets due to unexpected lawsuits. For more information, get in touch with us today!

Why You Need Renters Insurance

If you rent your current home, it is of importance for you to look into renter’s insurance. This form of insurance coverage is often overlooked but it leaves you exposed to serious financial loss. For those living in and around Napa, CA, our team at Wine Valley Insurance Services is here to help you with all of your potential renter’s insurance needs. 

At Greater Risk

When you rent you are often at a greater risk for property loss. If you live in an apartment community there are more people around. More people means there is a greater chance for a fire or for theft. This also can mean you are more likely to have your apartment broken into or items are more likely to be stolen when you live in a high-risk community. 

Protect Your Valuables

You may not own your home but you probably still have valuables inside of the property. From your entertainment system to your computer, clothing or any other item of value, you need to protect your valuables. The only real way to do this is with renter’s insurance. Attempting to replace everything you own is costly. Renter’s insurance is not. 


Wildfires have become more and more common. Plus, earthquakes are a very real issue in California as well. Each of these can damage your belongings. You need to protect your property and your valuables in the rental. A renters insurance policy can have extended coverage to protect you from the dangers of nature. 

No matter what kind of place you live in or how long you’ve called it home, if you rent, renter’s insurance is a must when living in and around Napa, CA. So, when you’re ready to protect yourself and your belongings, you need to give our team at Wine Valley Insurance Services a call. 

4 Reasons to Consider Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is designed to take over where more standard and specific insurance policies leave off. While not everyone needs that higher level of coverage, it’s generally better to have more protection. If you’re in the Napa, CA area, Wine Valley Insurance Services can help you get the right umbrella policy for your needs. Then you can enjoy protection and peace of mind knowing you’ll be covered if something exceeds your insurance limits. Umbrella insurance comes in different options and coverage amounts, so it’s important to work with an agent to get what you need. Here are four of the biggest reasons to consider getting an umbrella insurance policy.

  1. Some problems in life can’t really be planned for, but they can be protected against.
  2. The standard coverage you have may not be enough if a major problem should arise.
  3. You may have important assets you want to protect to give yourself peace of mind.
  4. Umbrella insurance can reach over other policies to add an extra layer of protection.

By reaching out to Wine Valley Insurance Services in Napa, CA, you can be sure your home, business, and life are better protected from the dangers and accidents that can occur at any moment. The level of protection provided by an umbrella insurance policy is an important factor in feeling secure for a lot of people, and we want to help you have that feeling of security in your life. Whether you’re looking for a small amount of umbrella coverage for a little extra protection or you’d rather have a much broader policy, we can help you get what you need. By providing you with quotes from multiple companies and information from agents who are in the know, we can help you choose what works for your needs and situation.

Do You Really Need Renters Insurance?

Many renters or tenants do not purchase renters insurance because they assume their property is covered under their landlord’s policy. This can be a costly assumption on the part of the renter because the landlord’s policy only covers the building, not individual renters personal property. If a natural disaster, fire, or other events such as a water leak causes damage to the building, the landlord is covered. However, without renters insurance, any belongings damaged or destroyed by the fire, water, or other disasters are not subject to be replaced.  

It is the responsibility of the renter to have their own policy covering their personal property. These types of policies offer coverage for possessions as well as liability coverage if someone is injured inside your residence. In general, renters insurance will include personal property and liability as well as loss of use. If liability is part of the policy, it will cover medical payments to the party injured at your residence. As well as damage you may cause to another person’s property.

  Every policy is different, but in general, your property is protected if lost or damaged due to:

  • Fire

  • Smoke

  • Lightning

  • Explosion

  • Water

  • Electrical Surges

Depending on the policy, there could be other types of loss or damage covered as well. Wine Valley Insurance Services in Napa, CA can also include living expenses in a policy. This would provide you the means to live somewhere else if your unit is damaged and needs repairs.  

Your policy could also protect your property if you are away from home. Portable property like a laptop could be replaced even if it was stolen from your car, not your dwelling. It is important to catalog all your high-value electronics, furniture, jewelry, and other items by photographing them. Consider a policy that will pay for replacement items instead of actual cash value.

Discuss the need for liability coverage with your Wine Valley Insurance Services agent in Napa, CA to make sure you are protected if someone is injured in your residence or your property is damaged. It is important to let your insurance agent know exactly what you expect the policy to cover so that in the event of an accident or disaster, your possessions are properly protected.

Why Would I Need to Get Umbrella Insurance?

Having adequate insurance coverage is essential for all people. While most people know that they should have a home, auto, life, and medical coverage, there are other types of coverage that are necessary as well. For some people in the Napa, CA area, having umbrella insurance coverage can be very beneficial. There are several reasons why having umbrella coverage could be useful for individuals and business owners.

Additional Insurance On Top of Existing Policies

If you have a home, auto, or commercial insurance, you will already have some type of liability insurance in place on those policies. While this type of liability coverage can provide you with a range of different types of protection, the level of the liability is often not enough to cover the expenses associated with some accidents. In these cases, having an umbrella insurance policy in place will provide you with additional liability coverage on top of your existing policies. 

Coverage for Additional Situations

While your base policies provide you with coverage, they do not provide coverage for all situations that could arise. When you have an umbrella insurance policy in place, you will receive additional liability insurance coverage for all additional types of liability that could occur, including items not contemplated by any existing policy. 

Service and Support

Finally, when you have an umbrella insurance policy in place, you will receive excellent service when you need it the most. If another party is suing you, the insurance company will be able to handle all aspects of the claim. This can include hiring legal representation and handling all settlement negotiations to minimize your time and expense. 

If you are in the Napa, CA area and are considering getting umbrella insurance, speaking with Wine Valley Insurance Services could be very helpful. Wine Valley Insurance Services can provide you with a variety of policies to help you better understand your insurance needs and to help you get a great policy. Reach out to our offices to get a quote.

Renters Insurance Requirements in the State of California

While renters insurance isn’t required by law in the state of California, it can give you an extra layer of protection. Renting a property can be expensive, and disaster can strike at any moment. California has many laws that can protect renters. And while landlords and building owners are required to have insurance on any property that they rent, they may require a tenant to purchase renters insurance before they issue a lease.

Why You Should Get Renters Insurance

There have been numerous reports in the news about people who have lost everything because of a fire or some other natural disaster, and they’re unable to pick up the pieces because they didn’t have renters insurance. While a landlord must have an insurance policy to cover any losses to the property itself, it won’t cover your personal belongings. Renters insurance will fill this gap, and it will include any losses that have occurred because of certain perils. It can also cover any medical payments for the treatment of injuries that have been inflicted on you or other people.

If you live in Napa, CA, Wine Valley Insurance Services has agents who can help you find a policy that can meet your needs and fits your budget. You shouldn’t take the risk of losing everything because of an unexpected event. You can prevent this by obtaining a renters insurance policy. If you want to find out how we can help you get the coverage you need, reach out to our offices.

What Can Be Covered in a California Renters Insurance Policy

California renters insurance policies can provide the following coverage:

  • Personal Property – Covers your personal belongings because of a disaster or unexpected event, and it will have a minimum amount that’s set by your insurance company.
  • Loss of Use – Pays for any additional living expenses if you’re unable to use the property because of a loss, which can include the cost of a hotel or any meals.
  • Personal Liability – Covers you for any damages for which you’re held liable, and most landlords will require you to get at least $100,000 of this type of coverage.
  • Medical Payments to Others – Covers medical payments for any injuries that have occurred on the property, and it will usually have a minimum of $1,000.

Be sure to speak to someone at Wine Valley Insurance Services to get a renters insurance policy that you can rely on. We have been serving the people of Napa, CA for a long time, and we can help you get a renters insurance policy that can cover you if you have suffered an unexpected loss. If you want to work with a reliable insurance agency that is trusted in California, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, Washington, and Idaho, then feel free to contact our office. We would be happy to serve you!

Who needs an umbrella insurance coverage?

Umbrella insurance will protect your assets if you are sued for causing an accident or something catastrophic happens your property. The policy will cover the expenses which go beyond the limits of your primary coverage. Notably, in case you are admitted to a hospital, it is very easy for the medical bills to accumulate to figures higher than your coverage limits especially if the injury or condition is serious. As such, it is advisable to look for a supplemental insurance policy to help you cover the extra charges. According to Wine Valley Insurance Services in Napa, CA, this is why you need umbrella insurance.

Why you need the policy

If you have accumulated personal wealth such as investments, home, or property, you will benefit from the umbrella insurance policy. Notably, the more property you own, the more you will have to lose in case of liabilities. An umbrella insurance policy will protect you if you become a target for expensive lawsuits. You can be a target in case:

  • You have swimming pools
  • You own large-breed dogs
  • You participate in activities which can cause unintentional harm to others such as racing or hunting.

When should you Get Umbrella Insurance?

As you build more wealth and assets, umbrella insurance becomes more and more critical. However, if you don’t have much wealth or investments, you don’t have to worry about acquiring an umbrella policy since your initial policy will cover your potential liabilities. Notably, if you work for an employer and don’t have any assets outside your residence, an umbrella insurance is not a necessity.

However, as you get additional responsibilities in life such as marriage and children, the variety of your insurance needs will widen, and the amount of potential liability will rise significantly. Considering that your primary insurance policies will have to cover your entire family, it is easy for a claim to go overboard leading to a financial crisis. As such, you should consider visiting Wine Valley Insurance Services in Napa, CA to learn more about umbrella insurance.

Currently residing outside of California? Wine Valley Insurance Services extends their policies to residents in Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, Washington, and Idaho as well.

Important Issues to Remember When Purchasing Renter’s Insurance

If you currently rent a property, Wine Valley Insurance Services in Napa, CA wants you to consider carrying renter’s insurance. There are a variety of issues to be cognizant of should you purchase renter’s insurance.

Wine Valley Insurance Services’ Things to Remember while Purchasing Renter’s Insurance

In and around multiple states, you will find that renter’s insurance:

Places Liability on a 3rd Party

When entertaining in your home, there is an unrelenting chance that someone might be injured.

Pays for Housing When your Property is Unlivable

Depending on your policy, if your home is unlivable, your renter’s insurance may pay for another rental for a specified period of time. 

Is Often Discounted

If you choose to buy renter’s insurance from the same company who carries your auto policy, they may offer you a discount or bundle.

Has Limitations

Renter’s insurance policies often limit coverage for jewelry, fine art, or antiques. It is important to discuss with your agent what valuables are covered.

Is More Difficult to Obtain if you Have a Dog

Ownership of aggressive dog breeds is typically considered a risk beyond the scope of renter’s insurance. This is not always the case though.

The Take-Away

Statistics offered by the Insurance Information Institute reveals that approximately 30 percent of renters choose to buy renter’s insurance. Apparently, this statistic is headed in an upwards direction. The National Multi Housing Council reports that in 2012, nearly 85 percent of landlords required tenants to acquire renters to buy insurance, up from only 25 percent three years earlier. Renter’s Insurance offered by Wine Valley Insurance Services helps protect your belongings from theft, and from potential liability concerns.

Wine Valley Insurance Services in Napa, CA has provided elite customer service with custom-designed insurance policies for more than nine years. We are an independent agency with flexibility to represent many multiple states. Our mission: Helping the customer find the insurance they need!


Peace of Mind For When The Unexpected Happens

Whenever a lawsuit is initiated against someone in Napa, CA, it can be a serious issue. Not only are physical damages declared, but intangible ones like emotional suffering as well. These can balloon to huge proportions. Worse still, the net worth of the individual being sued often determines just how big the balloon is going to be. What does a person do to protect themselves from absolute financial ruin following a lawsuit? The answer is umbrella insurance coverage.

Umbrella insurance coverage can offer safe shelter during life’s storms of litigation that flare up. Contact our independent agents at Wine Valley Insurance Services for a discussion of how an umbrella insurance policy can protect you and your assets from big lawsuits.

Not only can lawsuits cut into assets, but severe disaster scenarios can as well. If you have adequate home, car, or boat insurance, do you realize there are some things these insurance policies will not protect against? We can help you sort through that and get you the maximum coverage you need so that you have ample opportunity to rebuild your life.

Here in Napa, CA, we understand the unique challenges of California living. Whether it be an accusation of slander, or an expensive accident on the freeway, these lawsuits can spiral until they consume everything you have. Automobile accidents are a very common source of a lawsuit. No home owner’s insurance policy can cope with these situations, and neither can auto insurance.

Umbrella policies can cover not only large scale legal situations, but they extend beyond strictly home or auto- oriented insurance policies to fill in the gaps between those policies to give you the breathing room you need. Contact Wine Valley Insurance Services today and aim for solid coverage with no gaps.