Is Your Home Prepared for Summer?

With summer fast approaching, now would be a good time to start preparing your Napa, CA home for the influx of family and friends over the summer holidays. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started.

Professional Cleaning

Take advantage of summer discounts to have your windows, carpets, and gutters professionally cleaned before bringing in visitors this summer. Many companies offer discounts for cleaning services at this time of year, enabling you to benefit from a cleaner environment at reduced costs.

Service AC

Have your AC serviced to ensure it’s in good working condition before temperatures begin to climb. If your unit has become old and outdated, consider upgrading to a new model so you and your friends can enjoy a cool and comfortable home environment. Check and clean ceiling fans, as well. Doing this can help keep energy costs down.

Touch-up Painting

Do a little touch-up painting on doors and walls to cover scuff marks and scratches. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to enhance your interior decor.

Revive Landscaping

Trim overgrown trees and shrubs and take the time to spruce up your yard. An attractive yard will give your home a more welcoming touch. If you’re having problems with ants or other insects, spray your home’s exterior to get rid of them before they overrun your property.

Update Home Insurance

Talk to your Wine Valley Insurance Services agent in Napa, CA about updating your home insurance policy. Make sure you have adequate property damage and liability coverage to cover unforeseen accidents that may occur while visitors are on your property. By discussing home insurance options and costs with a representative from Wine Valley Insurance Services, you can have greater assurance that you’re fully protected against any eventuality that may arise.