Who needs an umbrella insurance coverage?

Umbrella insurance will protect your assets if you are sued for causing an accident or something catastrophic happens your property. The policy will cover the expenses which go beyond the limits of your primary coverage. Notably, in case you are admitted to a hospital, it is very easy for the medical bills to accumulate to figures higher than your coverage limits especially if the injury or condition is serious. As such, it is advisable to look for a supplemental insurance policy to help you cover the extra charges. According to Wine Valley Insurance Services in Napa, CA, this is why you need umbrella insurance.

Why you need the policy

If you have accumulated personal wealth such as investments, home, or property, you will benefit from the umbrella insurance policy. Notably, the more property you own, the more you will have to lose in case of liabilities. An umbrella insurance policy will protect you if you become a target for expensive lawsuits. You can be a target in case:

  • You have swimming pools
  • You own large-breed dogs
  • You participate in activities which can cause unintentional harm to others such as racing or hunting.

When should you Get Umbrella Insurance?

As you build more wealth and assets, umbrella insurance becomes more and more critical. However, if you don’t have much wealth or investments, you don’t have to worry about acquiring an umbrella policy since your initial policy will cover your potential liabilities. Notably, if you work for an employer and don’t have any assets outside your residence, an umbrella insurance is not a necessity.

However, as you get additional responsibilities in life such as marriage and children, the variety of your insurance needs will widen, and the amount of potential liability will rise significantly. Considering that your primary insurance policies will have to cover your entire family, it is easy for a claim to go overboard leading to a financial crisis. As such, you should consider visiting Wine Valley Insurance Services in Napa, CA to learn more about umbrella insurance.

Currently residing outside of California? Wine Valley Insurance Services extends their policies to residents in Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, Washington, and Idaho as well.