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Renters Insurance in California

Renters insurance is the type of insurance that everyone renting an apartment or house should get. It provides protection to your property in the event that a disaster occurs in your home. This can include burglary, fire, flood, or other disastrous situations that are beyond your control. The insurance covers your belongings financially so that you can replace them if they are lost or damaged. Wine Valley Insurance Services has you covered.

Generally, renters insurance only covers the value of your belongings. As a result, your premium is usually relatively inexpensive.

Some of the most common problems in which you are protected include fire, theft, water damage, explosion, smoke, vandalism, windstorms, and lightning. Also, similarly to California homeowners insurance, renters insurance will cover you in the event that other people are injured while at your home. In other words, if someone is visiting your apartment and suffers an injury by no fault of their own, and they choose to sue you for damages, they will get compensation from your renter's insurance.

Renters insurance in Napa, CA also covers you for additional living expenses if you cannot live in your apartment or other rental property after a disaster has struck. For example, if there was a fire that caused significant damage and you have to stay elsewhere; the insurance will cover the costs of your additional living expenses and regular living expenses.

In general, there are two types of renters insurance available. They are:

  • Actual Cash Value: Actual cash value renters insurance can replace your belongings but takes depreciation into account up to the limit of your policy
  • Replacement Cost: Replacement cost renters insurance pays for the actual cost of completely replacing your belongings up to the limit of your policy

No matter which renters insurance policy you choose, it’s wise to buy a floater to go along with it. A floater is a separate insurance policy that extends your renters insurance by providing protection for valuable items you own, such as jewelry. It protects your belongings for situations not covered by renters insurance, such as accidental loss.

If you have recently moved and are renting in California, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada or Washington, please contact our office about purchasing rental insurance at your earliest convenience. Wine Valley Insurance Services in Napa, CA can schedule you for a consultation to find the best policy for your needs.

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