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Home Insurance in California

Your home is one of the most important assets that you have, and homeowners insurance is fundamental to protecting your investment. California residents can have peace of mind when their home is properly insured.

Liability and Personal Possessions

Your policy will cover your personal possessions if they are damaged by a natural disaster or if you have suffered personal loss through a break in or burglary. It is vital to remember, however, that most policies don't cover flooding and that many also will not cover the damages caused by an earthquake.

Another important component of homeowners insurance is that it will cover lawsuits that arise over liability issues. You will want to fully discuss this with your Napa, CA agent to see what it entails, but generally, you will have coverage for things related to accidents, injuries, or animal attacks.

Alternative Living Arrangements and Personal Property Coverage

If you should suffer damage or loss to your home, you will need somewhere to live while repairs are being done. Your homeowner's policy can contain benefits that will cover these costs, but this is also something that you should discuss further with your agent.

One of the most basic policies you will need is protection against damage to your personal property. This policy will cover the damages that are the result of storms or other natural disasters, and it will cover you if someone breaks in. It will also extend to the structures that are on your property, such as sheds and other out buildings.

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