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Umbrella Insurance in California

Wine Valley Insurance Services offers umbrella insurance to those who live in the Napa, CA region, and we can also provide coverage to those who live in Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, and Arizona. Umbrella insurance is used to supplement your primary insurance, and it can cover bills that extend beyond the limits written in your other policies. Umbrella insurance will also cover scenarios that don't tend to be included in your primary policy.

Uses of Umbrella Insurance

Homeowners in Napa, CA and surrounding areas can purchase an umbrella insurance policy that may protect against situations where someone is injured in your home, files a lawsuit, or damages your possessions. Umbrella insurance is also available for landlords who can potentially face a host of legal issues.

Depending on the type of umbrella policy you have, the limits can be extended beyond your normal insurance policy as to what is protected. You can protect your assets by carrying umbrella insurance, because without it, you might be otherwise held liable for personal damages or lawsuit claims.

Umbrella insurance can be purchased to work alongside your automobile, boaters, ATV, motorcycle insurance, and more. It can also be purchased to supplement renters insurance.

Commercial umbrella insurance protect business owners in California and other states in situations that have to do with slander, libel, invasion of privacy, and false arrest, as these can fall under personal injury claims, and it can also supplement your malpractice insurance.

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We can help you get the protection you need. We offer an insurance rating tool on our website to find quotes for homeowners and automobile insurance, and we invite you to call or to stop by our California office to ask our agents questions you may have about umbrella policies or to start a new umbrella plan. We will be happy to talk with you and it is our privilege to serve you.

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