Who is covered in my umbrella insurance?

Protecting yourself and your loved ones always come first, which is why people buy insurance in Napa, CA. An excellent policy to add to your insurance policies is personal umbrella insurance. The coverages from personal umbrella insurance generally extend beyond the accidents that happen at home to other areas that concern you, such as the workplace. So, who else can benefit from your policy? Wine Valley Insurance Services will help you understand how you can share umbrella insurance with other people.


Most pets are covered under home insurance and umbrella insurance. For instance, if a dog breaks your neighbor’s window or damages their crops, your home insurance will cover the damages, and if home insurance is depleted, umbrella insurance comes in to sort the rest.

Your family members

The best part of umbrella insurance is that it protects you and your loved ones. Like home insurance, umbrella insurance covers your spouse, children, and other relatives living with you. Keep in mind that you need to utilize your homeowner’s insurance for umbrella insurance to come in. If your child hits and injures another child, your home insurance will pay the medical bills, but in case you are sued for the injuries, home insurance may not be adequate, and that is where umbrella insurance comes in to cover the lawsuit fees.

Your driver

If your car is driven by another authorized person other than you, then, in this case, they are covered as the driver just like you.  If they are hit by an uninsured motorist on the road, your auto insurance will help pay the driver’s medical bills, and if it is not enough, umbrella insurance will come in.

Note that not everything is covered by umbrella insurance, whether it is in or out of your home, your business and personal belongings are not covered. However, you can always talk to our agents at Wine Valley Insurance Services to be sure exactly who and what is included in your Napa, CA policy. Try us today!