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Condo Insurance in California

Wine Valley Insurance Services in Napa, CA works with you to assist in your understanding of what you are getting into when you purchase a Condo Insurance policy. We serve residents of California, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, Washington, and Idaho.

Condo Insurance is similar to homeowners insurance however there are many aspects that make it different:

  • Depending on where you live you may require earthquake insurance. Condo insurance does not automatically cover damages incurred in an earthquake. HOA insurance does not cover personal item damage in the event of an earthquake. As a result you would need to take out separate earthquake insurance.
  • Most condos have separate HOA insurance. As a member or an HOA, you would be made to pay monthly membership fees which may include HOA insurance.
  • HOA insurance typically covers all things outside of your condominium. This insurance type is referred to as a "walls out" policy. Meaning that anything outside of your condo unit's walls is typically covered by the HOA insurance. Walkways, roofs, common areas enjoyed by all condo owners are just some of the items that are covered by HOA insurance.
  • The basic type of condo insurance policy is referred to as a "walls in" policy. Everything inside of your unit is typically covered.
  • As opposed to a homeowner's policy that covers an entire property typically, condo insurance covers your unit.

Some of the things that are covered by your condo insurance policy may include:

  • loss of possessions or damage to the interior of your unit (through fire, covered hazards, theft, etc)
  • liability insurance if someone suffers an injury at your condo
  • protection for you if you damage another persons property or are found liable

If you reside in Napa, CA come into Wine Valley Insurance Services and talk with us about all of your insurance needs. If you are out of town, feel free to reach us by phone where an agent can answer any questions you may have. Whether you are looking to purchase a condo in California, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, Washington, or Idaho, we will help you get great coverage for your investment.

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