Why is Liability Required in Napa, CA?

Having liability insurance on a vehicle is a must in Napa, CA, and it is required to show proof at all times for cars in motion on the road and even parked. According to the state laws, the California DMV covers all rules and regulations for what each driver is responsible for in minimum coverage. The state requires these documents of proof to remain in the car at all times. 

An officer will request it at the time of a routine traffic stop. Proof must also be available at the time of a collision and requesting vehicle registration renewal. If anyone fails to show proof of liability, the vehicle will be impounded, and a fine is set to get the car back with proof of current insurance.

Liability is Meant to Cover the Other Driver and Their Property

Liability covers the damage and injuries to the other party involved in an accident. The minimum coverage in California is as follows:

  • $15K for injury or death of one person
  • $30K for more injury or death of more than one person
  • $5K for property damage

More coverage is safer because the person at fault could get sued for the remaining balance of unexpected costs. The only way to avoid liability is to place $35K in a cash deposit or a security bond with the California DMV. The DMV can also issue a self-insurance certificate. Getting insurance with an affordable premium is the way most people choose because not everyone has $35K available. 

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